3 December 2020 Urgent update on Water Situation in Ndlambe

Urgent update on Water Situation in Ndlambe

The current water situation in Ndlambe is as follows:

PORT ALFRED: Water in the Sarel Hayward Dam has fallen below a level where it can be pumped to the Balancing Dam.   During the past week, a technical team met to assess ways of augmenting water for Port Alfred and looked at ways of getting water from the low level dam.   The following is being done:

Extracting the remaining water at the Sarel Hayward Dam.  A submersible floating pump and pipeline is presently being installed, and this will enable any remaining water to be pumped to the Balancing dam.   It is estimated that this work will be completed by 18th December and that the outcome of this project will provide 2Ml of water per day for Port Alfred.   At current capacity it is estimated 2Ml will be able to be pumped for approximately 20 days.   Of course, should we have rain in the interim, the picture will change favourably.

The municipality, through its electrical service provider, is repairing a damaged transformer and cables at the East Bank Dune Pumps.   The transformer and cables were damaged during the recent Eskom power outages.

The Municipality has engaged local farmers to get additional water to supplement existing supplies.   Two boreholes have been identified as suitable.   Jo Jo tanks are being installed alongside these boreholes to act as holding tanks.   Water trucks will fill up from these holding tanks and cart water to the temporary water tanks supplied throughout Port Alfred.    Tanks will be serviced daily with water.  The Dept of Water and Sanitation has supplied water tanks for the Nemato area.

In addition, repair work to existing infrastructure has been commissioned.  The scope of this work will not provide more water for Port Alfred, but it will ensure that when water levels return to normal levels, all infrastructure will be in an excellent condition.    This work includes:

  • Repair of damaged pumps
  • Carrying out work to damaged boreholes

In addition, the Municipal Manager confirmed that the Kowie River route from source will be inspected for illegal dams, restricting water flow to Port Alfred.

KENTON/BUSHMANS:   Amatola Water confirmed that reservoirs recorded 75% average capacity over the past week.   The challenge is the sand extractor units currently out of commission, limited raw water supply capacity.   However, the plant is operating at between 75% – 80% capacity at present.

ALEXANDRIA/CANNON ROCKS:    In Alexandria the Water Services Provider reported that 1.4Ml of water is currently being produced , including 200kl from the Cannon Rocks plant.   The rehabilitation of the coastal region will be completed by 18 December, and this project should increase capacity by a further 200 cubic metres per day.   The R.O. plant is due for completion at the end of February 2021.    Amatola Water were reminded that the residents of Alexandria are expecting an update on the water situation.

Ndlambe Municipality


3 December 2020

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