Ndlambe Municipality’s Infrastructure Director Role


The Infrastructure Department at Ndlambe Municipality plays a crucial role in ensuring the provision, maintenance, and operation of essential services for the citizens of Ndlambe. Let’s delve into the responsibilities and vision of the Director of Infrastructure Development, Dr. Noluthando Vithi – Masiza

Meet the Director: Dr. Noluthando Vithi-Masiza

    • Name: Dr. Noluthando Vithi-Masiza
  • Role: Director of Infrastructure Development
  • Contact Information:

Dr Noluthando Vithi-Masiza

Director Infrastructure Development


The Infrastructural Development Directorate strives to provide sustainable, efficient, cost-effective, adequate, and affordable services to all Ndlambe citizens. This vision underscores the commitment to enhancing the quality of life through well-maintained infrastructure.


The mission of the Infrastructure Department is as follows:

  1. Service Management: Manage the provision, maintenance, and operations of basic services.
  2. Improvement: Continuously improve service levels for Ndlambe citizens.
  3. Affordability: Ensure affordability and sustainability in service delivery.


Ms. Noluthando Vithi, as the Director of Infrastructure Development, leads the charge in creating a resilient and efficient infrastructure network for Ndlambe. Her team’s commitment to providing essential services ensures that the municipality thrives.

Remember, a well-functioning infrastructure is the backbone o any thriving community!