About Us:

 The Ndlambe Municipality would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our website. This site was created as part of our continued strive towards implementing the principles of “Batho Pele”, a government initiative aimed at enhancing the quality and accessibility of government services by improving efficiency and accountability to the recipients of public goods and services. Our team is committed to improve related matters and therefore invites you to contact us with any suggestions that would improve this service to you.

Exploring the Charms of Ndlambe Local Municipality: A Hidden Gem on the Eastern Cape


Nestled on the picturesque Eastern Cape of South Africa, Ndlambe Local Municipality is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by travelers seeking an authentic and untouched experience. With its diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant communities, Ndlambe offers a unique blend of history, nature, and local charm.

  1. Scenic Beauty and Coastal Delights: The municipality boasts a stunning coastline along the Indian Ocean, featuring pristine beaches, rocky cliffs, and hidden coves. Kenton-on-Sea, one of the gems within Ndlambe, is renowned for its clear waters and long stretches of sandy beaches. Perfect for sunbathing, water sports, or a peaceful beach walk, this area is a haven for nature lovers and beach enthusiasts alike.
  2. Rich Cultural Heritage: Immerse yourself in the rich history and cultural heritage of Ndlambe by exploring the local museums and historical sites. The area is home to various indigenous communities, each with its own traditions and stories to share. Engage with locals, visit traditional villages, and experience the warmth of Ndlambe’s people.
  3. Addo Elephant National Park: Just a short drive away from Ndlambe, the renowned Addo Elephant National Park awaits. Home to a diverse range of wildlife, including the iconic African elephants, the park offers an unforgettable safari experience. Visitors can embark on guided game drives, witness the incredible biodiversity, and connect with nature on a whole new level.
  4. Outdoor Adventures: Adventure seekers will find Ndlambe to be a paradise with a plethora of outdoor activities. From hiking trails that offer breathtaking views of the landscape to water-based adventures such as kayaking and fishing, there’s something for every nature enthusiast. The nearby Great Fish River also provides an excellent opportunity for birdwatching and exploring the region’s unique flora and fauna.
  5. Local Cuisine and Artisan Markets: Indulge your taste buds in the local cuisine, where fresh seafood and traditional dishes take center stage. Explore artisan markets showcasing handmade crafts, locally produced goods, and vibrant artwork, providing a glimpse into the creativity and talent of the community.
  6. Community Events and Festivals: Throughout the year, Ndlambe hosts various community events and festivals that celebrate local culture, music, and art. These gatherings offer an excellent opportunity to connect with the community, make new friends, and experience the lively spirit of Ndlambe.


NDLAMBE MUNICIPALITY strives to be a premier place to work, play, and stay, on the eastern coast of South Africa. It strives to be the destination of choice for people who love natural and cultural heritage, adventure water sports, and laid-back living for families.


Vision Ndlambe Municipality strives to be a growing and investment friendly region that provides sustainable, efficient, cost-effective, adequate and affordable services to all citizens in a healthy and safe environment by 2025.


Ndlambe Local Municipality is a hidden treasure waiting to be explored by those seeking an off-the-beaten-path adventure. With its diverse landscapes, rich cultural tapestry, and warm community spirit, Ndlambe promises an authentic and unforgettable experience for every traveler. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a cultural explorer, or simply someone looking for a tranquil escape, Ndlambe has something special to offer. It’s time to uncover the charm of this Eastern Cape gem.