Current Land Use Applications
Published: 12 Feb 2021 by: Gerrie Germishuizen.

Ndlambe Local Municipality

Current Land Use Applications


Land use management applications are the first step in the formal planning and building process and are also necessary if you are intending to use a property or building for purposes other than what it has been originally zoned or built for.

The municipality promotes public participation on the land use applications we receive and welcomes your comments and feedback.

Any objection, comment or representation received as a result of a public notice process must be in writing and addressed to the person mentioned in the notice within the time period stated in the notice. The objection must state the following:

  • The name of the person or body concerned; the address or contact details at which the person or body concerned will accept notice or service of documents; the interest of the body or person in the application; the reason for the objection, comment or representation.

The reasons for any objection, comment or representation must be set out in sufficient detail in order to—

(a)  Indicate the facts and circumstances which explains the objection, comment or representation;

(b) Demonstrate the undesirable effect which the application will have on the area;

(c) Demonstrate any aspect of the application which is not considered consistent with applicable policy.

Any objection, comment or representation that is received after the closing date of the public participation period is deemed not to be valid and the Municipality will not accept any such objection, comment or representation.


View current Land Use Applications below: