Chief Financial Officer

Micheal KlaasDirector: Financial Management
Office Tel: 046 604 5580
Fax No: 046 624 2727


The objectives of the finance directorate are as follows:

  • To revise and complete the entire Municipality’s asset register to be GRAP Compliant (Generally Recognised Accounting Practice) over a period of one year.
  • Ndlambe is able to raise sufficient revenue¬† (internal and external sources) and manage the assets to meet their responsibilities in terms of service delivery incorporating both capital and operational costs.
  • An updated (contemporary) financial system of Ndlambe is optimally used by competent staff.
  • To maintain Finance assets.
  • To improve communication of the budget process.
  • Households living below the poverty line (R 800 per month), as well as vulnerable groups, have improved access to all required basic services, health facilities and social/ work creating programs.
  • Develop the Supply Chain Management System to be in line with the SCM policy and meet the requirements of good practice.
  • To ensure financial resources are utilised in an economical, efficient and effective manner.
  • Develop the capacity of the Budget and Treasury Office (BTO) to meet the requirements of credible financial management.
  • To ensure that all revenue is collected on a monthly basis to cover the operating expenditure of the municipality on a daily basis.
  • To ensure all indigents have access to free basic services.
  • To ensure an effective customer care service to all residents.

Performance Indicators

To meet our objectives the following indicators were set that we needed to achieve:

  • Percentage of progress made towards maintenance and rehabilitation of Asset register including all Finance Leases, Operating Leases, Infrastructure Assets and municipal and Investment properties.
  • New asset acquisitions are recorded/captured on a monthly basis.
  • The existence of all assets is verified half yearly.
  • All assets acquired are bar coded and insured on a monthly basis.
  • Percentage increase in the possible local revenue base.
  • 100% spending of FMG and MSIG funds.
  • Increase in % of equitable share based on more accurate statistics in terms of the DORA.
  • Percentage decrease in non payment.
  • Percentage of elements of financial system utilized.
  • Increased in number of staff trained to effectively use the financial system.
  • Increase in number of useful reports generated for planning and monitoring purposes.
  • Increase in the investments of maintenance / upgrade of financial system.
  • Number of reports that meet the legal requirements at the right time.
  • Percentage of improved cash flow by reducing expenditure to match actual cash on hand.
  • Number of Finance assets assessed and ensuring that they are utilized economically.
  • Relevant advertisements and loud hailing are done within the legislated time frames.
  • Increase in number of households benefiting from poverty alleviation programs.
  • Fully operational computerised SCM system in line with SCM Policy and MFMA implemented.
  • Income and expenditure reports are provided on a monthly basis to offices and directorates for them to do budget control.
  • Infrastructure investment plan is developed¬† for development priorities in the IDP.
  • BTO is established in line with treasury guidelines (structure).
  • Relevant officials are trained to ensure that they are able to contribute to the financial management system (treasury departments and departmental managers).
  • A process plan in place to ensure all new buildings, additions to buildings, re-zoning of properties, sub-divisions and consolidations are forwarded to the finance directorate on a monthly basis for billing and valuation purposes.
  • All residents who do not have the financial means to pay for basic services in terms of the indigent policy are registered.
  • A complaint register to reduce number of complaints from residents resulting from system errors is developed.
  • Increase in response time and resolution of complaints to be within 7 days of receipt.