FINAL IDP 2020 21 V1
Published: 20 Sep 2020 by: Gerrie Germishuizen.
Integrated Development Plan 2020/21 DRAFT
Published: 25 May 2020 by: Gerrie Germishuizen.

NDLAMBE MUNICIPALITY strives to be a premier place to work, play, and stay, on the eastern coast
of South Africa. It strives to be the destination of choice for people who love natural and cultural
heritage, adventure water sports, and laid-back living for families.
Our promise is to build a state-of-the-art physical infrastructure that will be laid out aesthetically
in our beautiful natural environment. Our prosperous community supports a safe and healthy
lifestyle which is supported by affordable natural living and vibrant tourism and agriculturally-based
We promote good governance by providing sustainable, efficient, cost-effective, adequate and
affordable services to all our citizens.

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