Ndlambe has been heavily affected by drought since 2018 and all the water supply source levels are low and others are empty at this stage. Bathurst area is getting its water from Golden Ridge Dam which has reached ‘day zero” currently due to drought.

It must be noted that The Golden Ridge is a small dam hence it cannot continue to supply water during extreme drought conditions.

The municipality is implementing temporal solutions to deal with the current water problem. The identified initiatives are listed below:

  • Water trucks are carting water from other areas to assist Bathurst communities and water tanks have been placed to strategic areas and are filled on a daily basis. These are available to all residents and filled on a daily basis.

Tank location in town:

  • Bathrust Co-op Tanks, Town Hall, Tanks, Bathurst Arms X 2 Tanks ,Conner shop X 1

Tank location in the Township:

  • Memani, Freestone, Squatter camp X 2 , Koti, Mission, Qabane, Gedze, Tshisa, Nobebe, Zola , Cakwebe ,Bathurst clinic x 1

  • Linking the boreholes to the Bathurst system and pumping of water from some of identified healthy boreholes through Mansfield line to the water treatment works. (Immediate). The municipality is working on this currently and by Friday 8th of January 2021 the contractor will have connected electricity to pump water.

  • Possible construction of a +-4km pipeline to abstract water from a closest water stream to our Water Treatment Plant. A consultant is working on this proposal and will submit the detailed plan by the 12th of January 2021.

  • Further investigation of existing boreholes and other sources of water is in progress.

  • It must be noted the municipality will be delayed by the closure of suppliers in procuring some of the needed material for the works due to suppliers being closed over holiday season, the orders will be placed from the 15th of January 2021.

We therefore urge our residents to use water in the tanks and once the water is available again from the strategies above, it must be used sparingly. Households are further encouraged to invest in rain water storage tanks as this could assist with the current situation in easing the demand for water.

Ndlambe Municipality would also like to remind all the community members and holiday makers that the Municipality imposed water restrictions in terms of Section 4 of the Water Services Act 108 (No 108 of 1997), in December 2019 these restrictions are still standing and we therefore request our communities to familiarise themselves with the prohibited water activities stipulated on these restrictions (See attached Annexure A- WATER RESTRICTIONS) PLEASE USE WATER SPARINGLY



Ndlambe Municipal area is experiencing water challenges due to drought and Eskom power outages, consequently the reservoir levels are critically low in all the areas. This is a reminder that in December 2017 the Municipality imposed water restrictions, the restrictions are still standing as follows:

In terms of Section 4 of the Water Services Act 108 (No 108 of 1997) the following will be prohibited immediately.

  1. The use of water obtained from the Municipality’s water supply system for:

  1. Watering gardens, lawns, grassed areas, flower beds, sport fields, bowling greens, golf greens and fairways, croquet lawns, turf wickets, ploughing fields and the like;

  2. Topping up or filling fountains, ornamental ponds and the like;

  3. Filling swimming and paddling pools;

  4. Washing paved areas, walls, roofs, building and similar structures.

  1. The use or operation of:

  1. Hosepipes,

  2. Sprinklers, sprinkler and drip systems;

  3. Automatic swimming pool filters

  4. Automatic urinal flushing systems

  5. The connection of a hosepipe or any form of irrigation system to a tap supplying water from the Municipality’s water supply system unless for the purposes permitted in terms of this notice.


  1. The use of reclaimed water or water obtained from sources other than the Municipality’s water supply system.

  2. The use or operation of a hose pipe or sprinkler systems for firefighting.

  3. Watering of plants, trees and shrubs in commercial, state and municipal nurseries.

  4. The prohibitions contained in this notice shall not apply in any case specifically exempted, in writing, by the Director: Infrastructural Development.