Bathurst community is currently receiving water from the Lushington River after the Golden Ridge dam ran out of water due to drought. Lushington River abstraction point also ran dry after abstracted water for three Months and the municipality had to look for other option of abstracting water from the upstream pool in order to feed the abstraction point. The solution was completed on the 17 July 2021 and on the same day water was pumped to the water treatment plant. Since started pumping reservoir levels are not increasing which makes it difficult for high laying areas to get water. In order to build the reservoir levels is to close water for some days.


Therefore Water in Bathurst will be closed for two days.  This will take place on July 20 (Tuesday) to July 21 (Wednesday).  This is to allow the pumping of water into the reservoir and to allow its water levels to rise.

To supplement this interruption, two water trucks have been availed and their duty will solely be to fill the water tanks that have been strategically placed within the Bathurst community and surrounding farm areas.  Loud hailing has been done in the Bathurst area to inform those who do not have access to social media and municipal website.

Port Alfred:

The supply of water in Port Alfred is still a critical challenge. The 2ML/day RO plant has been commissioned and we are currently dependent on the sea water RO plant which is the main source after Sarel Hayward dam ran dry. We are still having difficulties pumping water to all areas, particularly those in high laying areas due to water shortage.

The Reverse Osmosis Plant is currently supplying us with 1.5 ML/day of water however we expect the situation to improve to 2ML/day of water in the next two weeks while we are getting an average of 0.8ML/day from boreholes. In order to assist these areas water trucks are in place to fill tanks that placed at strategic areas. Two water trucks are in place to fill tanks at night in order to ensure water on a regular basis.


  • Communities are urged to reduce their water consumption by at least 50% in order to conserve the little that we have.
  • To adhere to water restrictions.
  • To report any leaks to 0466045500



NOTICE: 2021                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ROLLY DUMEZWENI

19 JULY 2021                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 MUNICIPAL MANAGER