Ndlambe Municipal general worker Zola Ngcezengani’s dedication has not gone unnoticed as local stakeholders bought him a new bicycle following the loss of his initial bicycle. On Tuesday 9 May 2023 the Good Samaritans Buco representative, Port Alfred Ratepayers’ & Residents’ Association (PARRA), Ndlambe Municipal officials met at The Cycle Asylum Port Alfred to donate a brand new bicycle to Ngcezengani.

Port Alfred community and Business people buy Ndlambe Municipal dedicated general worker Zolani Ngcezengani a brand new bicycle Picture: TK MTIKI

Ngcezengani is often seen had his sleeves rolled up picking litter around Duck Pond area in town.

Lindsay Luppnow spoke fondly of Ngcezengani as she was explaining how the donation came about.

“The community knows how hard you work. When I heard about your bicycle (loss) I phoned some people and everyone said oh the man who is always at the Duck Pond and because of that we really wanted to donate this bicycle because we know you go above and beyond for what you have to do for work. We know that you have got working hours and we know that you do more and you clean more and you are such a massive asset to Port Alfred that we wanted to get you a new bicycle. We spoke to one of the members that are for Cycle Asylum and we managed to get you a brand new bicycle,” she said.

She went on to mention the Good Samaritans saying: “It’s from us (PARRA), Buco, Multi Security, Business Forum and there is a few private different people that have all come together and given something that you can get a new bicycle. Thank you for all the extra work that you do for our community. We really wanted to thank you for that.”

Speaking on behalf of the Ndlambe Municipality, Community and Protection Services Deputy Director Fanie Fouche thanked the sponsors while also showering Ngcezengani with praises.

“Just from the municipality we would like to say to all the sponsors and everyone this is above and beyond what we expected. He is a dedicated hard worker. He has been with us since 2014 and he has made a huge difference to the town. We really appreciate that the Ratepayers and the community and the businesses have actually recognized him for that. From the directorate of Protection and Services side and my director in the absence we really want to thank you for this initiative, it means a lot and I am sure it means a lot to him, it means a lot to our foreman Mlamli Mdambatyi and to our team that you actually see what they do for this area,” he said.

Given an opportunity to say something Ngcezengani’s two words ‘thank you’ showed that he is not a man of many words but rather a man of action.