The ongoing severe drought conditions in the Eastern Cape continues to have a major affect. In Ndlambe, Port Alfred is the area hardest hit and is in dire straits.   We are presently pumping a combined average of 2.7 ML per day from the central belt boreholes, east bank dune pumps; Nel borehole and Sarel Hayward Dam temporary solution.  Approximately 1.8ML of the available water is presently coming from the temporary Sarel Hayward solution, however, calculations have been done indicating that only 25 days of water remains from this source.

The 2ML Sea Water Reverse Osmosis plant is on track for completion at the end of May.   It will take approximately one week after completion to get water pumping through the whole system.  Thus, by the beginning of June, we can reasonably expect the water production to be the same as it is presently because the R.O. plant water production will take the place of the Sarel Hayward temporary solution.

Various water schedules have been implemented to accommodate as many people as possible.   However, due to the present extremely low levels of water, it has been decided to open water to all areas from 6.00 to 10.00 daily, as alternating water to various areas has been ineffective.   Bear in mind that it may take some time for water to reach some areas, and that high lying areas will sadly not have water availability.  To mitigate this, the installed water tanks will continue to be filled on a regular basis, with water being carted from Cannon Rocks and Kenton on Sea on a daily basis.

At present, a portion of pipeline is being laid from boreholes at the Fish Farm east of Port Alfred, joining the line from the central belt boreholes to augment additional water.


NOTICE: 2021                                                                                                                         ROLLY DUMEZWENI

7 May 2021                                                                                                                            MUNICIPAL MANAGER