In a proactive move aimed at ensuring the optimal functioning of municipal infrastructure, Ndlambe Municipal Manager, ADV R. Dumezweni, spearheaded a critical site visit last Friday. Leading a delegation of Ndlambe Municipal directors, the team traversed the localities of Alexandria, Marselle, and Kenton-On-Sea, scrutinizing diverse facets of Ndlambe Municipal infrastructure.

Under the blistering sun, the team meticulously assessed the state of existing infrastructure and monitored the progress of ongoing projects in these key areas. ADV R. Dumezweni, at the helm of the delegation, did not merely confine the visit to an observational exercise; instead, he underscored the urgency of prioritizing the maintenance of municipal infrastructure.

Addressing the assembled directors, he emphatically stressed the pivotal role of proactive maintenance in ensuring the longevity and functionality of the municipal assets. In a bold move, ADV R. Dumezweni announced his intention to conduct a follow-up site visit in two weeks, personally overseeing the advancements made since the initial inspection.

Ward councillors, Phumlani Khungwayo of Ward 2 and Zandisile Welcome Myali of Ward 3, actively participated in the visit. They joined the Municipal Manager’s staff members in shedding light on the pressing challenges confronting their respective communities. This collaborative effort between municipal leadership and local representatives echoed a commitment to addressing community concerns and fostering sustainable development.

As the scorching day unfolded, the site visit became not just a routine inspection but a symbol of the municipality’s dedication to transparent communication, proactive governance, and the relentless pursuit of progress. The echoes of this visit are bound to resonate in the ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of life for the residents of Ndlambe